Construction Walls are Going Up on Long Time Attractions as EPCOT Prepares for the Future!

Lake Buena Vista, FL - September 7, 2019

By: William A Guerro Sr.

The Walt Disney Company has officially confirmed the closure of many locations in EPCOT’s Future World Central this weekend to prepare for the construction of the new attractions that were recently announced at the D23 Convention in Anaheim, California as part of the re-imagined EPCOT.

The Fountain of Nations in EPCOT

New Concept Art of the re-imagining of EPCOT

The final day of operation for these long time EPCOT attractions will be today Sunday, September 8, 2019:

  • Fountain View and Club Cool (This attraction is expected to return sometime in the future, at a different location)

  • The Fountain of Nations

  • Colortopia at Innoventions East

  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy will relocate from their current locations at Epcot Character Spot and temporarily move across the breezeway to Character Spot North, where Baymax, Joy, and Sadness are currently located.

Mickey's Character Spot in EPCOT

Construction walls will be erected around the Fountain of Nations, Epcot Character Spot, Fountain View, and Club Cool after EPCOT closes on Sunday, September 8th.

Club Cool Closing, to be Opened at a Future Location.

These areas will be demolished to prepare for the construction of Epcot’s new attractions, Festival Center and Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

Announced Re-Imagining of EPCOT

Stay tuned for future updates on the re-imagining of EPCOT, here at Disney Magic of the Mouse!

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