Disney Releases the New Logo for Disney World's 50th Anniversary

Anaheim, Calif - August 26, 2019

By: William A Guerro Sr

The Walt Disney Company released the Logo for Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary. "The World's Most Magical Celebration" is coming to Walt Disney World, in Florida as the Resort gets ready to celebrate 50 years of magic. It will be the biggest celebration that Disney has ever done, as each of the four parks in the resort, will all be in on the celebration.

Disney has been bustling with new construction at all 4 theme parks in Florida over the last several years, in anticipation for the 50th Celebration, with many new rides and attractions as well as food, entertainment and merchandise options just in time for the year long festivities, coming, in 2021

Disney has been very quiet on any details about the celebration, but we do know that it will include new attractions at Magic Kingdom like Tron, Mickey and Minnie’s Railway, and the Star Wars Hotel, along with Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, all schedule to open in time for the 50th Anniversary.

Stay tuned for more from Disney!

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