Disney's New Skyliner Mishap In Riviera Station, Shuts System Down Indefinitely

Lake Buena Vista, Florida - October 6, 2019

By: William A Guerro

A major mishap last night at approx 8:45pm on Walt Disney Worlds new Skyliner's at the Riviera Station, left passenger stranded for several hours.

Disney's Skyliner on Opening Day, September 29, 2019

Passengers on Sunday said they were left hanging for about three hours, high above Disney World. Passenger Emmie Palmer said she and a friend were stranded about three stories high along with three other woman in a gondola cabin, on the affected line, that was traveling between Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and Epcot. The Reedy Creek Fire Department arrived about 30-45 minutes after the ride stalled, Palmer said, but it took hours for her and her friend to be evacuated.

Passenger Courtney Cole, who was stranded with her boyfriend and six others in another gondola, was over heard saying to a CNN reporter that passengers were told thru the emergency intercom on the Gondolas, that there were emergency kits under their seats with water and first aid supplies. Cole said she and her boyfriend, Aaron Murray, saw a woman being taken out on a stretcher.

Cole said the incident won't stop her from returning to Disney and riding the Skyliner again.

"Disney handled the situation well, given the circumstances," Cole said. "Accidents happen...I'm not blaming anyone."

Stranded passenger Aaron Murray documented last evenings events on his Twitter Account.

Photos show emergency response on stranded Disney Skyliner passenger Aaron Murray's Twitter Feed

There were no reports of injuries, according to WKMG, News 6 Orlando's overnight Coverage after last nights incident.

When passengers finally were able to get off the Skyliner, Disney gave each of the two $50 gift cards along with two Disney World Park Hopper tickets to make up for their trouble. Disney Cast Member also had cold water available and taxis and transportation ready to return guests to their hotels or vehicles.

The Skyliner opened to the public on September 29. It will remain closed "while we look into the details surrounding this downtime," Disney said, according to WKMG

News 6 Orlando's Overnight Coverage after last nights incident.

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