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Dorian You Just Became A Hurricane What Are You Going To Do Next: "I'm Going To Disney World"

Lake Buena Vista, FL - August 29, 2019

By: William A Guerro Sr

Attention all Disney World Goers!!! (Even Me! I'm scheduled to Fly to Orlando on Monday Morning, September 2nd). HOLD ON TO Your MICKEY EARS!!!!

The National Hurricane Center just sent out an update on Hurricane Dorian, and now expects the storm to become a major hurricane just before it makes landfall in Florida. Current trajectory has Hurricane Dorian being a Category 4 storm on Monday when landfall with Florida may occur. Eye of the storm looks to be tracking towards Central Florida at 8 am on Tuesday, with the storm making landfall sometime around Monday morning.

5-Day Projected Path of Hurricane Dorian from NOAA

Key Messages From NOAA:

1. The risk of life-threatening storm surge and hurricane-force winds this weekend continues to increase in the northwestern Bahamas, and hurricane watches could be issued there tonight or Friday. Residents should have their hurricane plan in place and listen to advice given by local emergency officials.

2. There is an increasing likelihood of life-threatening storm surge along portions of the Florida east coast late this weekend or early next week, although it is too soon to determine where the highest storm surge will occur. Residents should have their hurricane plan in place, know if they are in a hurricane evacuation zone, and listen to advice given by local emergency officials.

To get up to the minute news on the approaching Hurricane go to NOAA's Official Hurricane Coverage website.