Hurricane Dorian Decided Not to go too Disney! Instead Inching it's way North Up the Florida Coast.

Lake Buena Vista, FL - September 3, 2019

By: William A Guerro Sr

Hurricane Dorian drifted just North of the Bahamas, after battering the Island chair for almost 48 hrs. Hurricane Dorian is finally starting to make a move to the North on it's way up the Coast of Florida and while we are now out of the cone, the National Weather Service continues to warn residents about the increased potential for storm hazards, with tropical storm force winds hitting most of South and Central Florida over the course of today.

Walt Disney World had set Closing times today for their Theme Parks in Orlando. But the kept changing the times, because the storm was staying further off the coast.

At around 9:30 pm the outer bands of Hurricane Dorian, finally started reaching the Orlando area, with wind gusts into the 30 mph range and increasing down pours.

The 10 pm advisory had Hurricane Dorian down to a CAT 2 Storm with Winds at 110 mph

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